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UpDrives-Modern File Sharing with worldwide data availability

UpDrives is a Global Service for Sharing, Storing and distributing Files, Software and APPS, online college courses Download anytime and anywhere, with any device. we allow Pay Per download with your own files, when you share Files on your Website/Blog or Social Media. Our cloud computing Hosting system have no downtime for your files.
Note: Download your files without any delay or Pop Ads. You can also Earn money by Uploading your Files to our Website.

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You can enter up to 20 URLs, one URL per row

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I have read and agree to the TOS

What is UpDrives?

Updrives is a file hosting platform to Online Store/Backup your important files. With Updrives you can host files such as APK Apps, MOD APK Games, images, videos, audio and flash on the same place.

Why should I use Updrives?
Whenever you need to send a file that is too large for E-mail, Updrives, can help you. If you need to secure remote storage capacity for off-site backups, Updrives offers solutions for you. If you want to access personal data from a variety of computers and don't want to carry around a USB stick, Updrives is a perfect way of doing that task.

How to Upload a File on Updrives.Com

Step1: Open ‘Updrives.com’ site from your internet browser
Step2: Now Navigate ‘File-Upload’ tab and click it
Step3: After clicking the File-UploadTab, you will see a ‘Blue Cloud Logo’ icon appearing at the center of your screen
Step4: Now click on the ‘Blue Cloud Logo’ icon
Step5: After clicking on the ‘Blue Cloud Logo’ icon, you will see a Pop-up window on your screen, requiring you to navigate the ‘File’ you want to Upload on ‘Updrives.com’ from your device.
Step6: Now Navigate ‘Required Upload File’ from your device’s Local Directory
Step7: After Navigating the required file, select the File and click the ‘OPEN’ button from the File-Upload Window.
Step8: After successfully uploading the file from your computer on Updrives.com, give a relevant Title to the File Uploaded in ‘Description Tab’ and then click on the ‘Start Upload’ button.
Step9: Now wait for theBlue-Bar to fill up-to 100%. After that you will be redirected automatically to your download link.
Step10: Congratulations! You have successfully uploaded your file on ‘Updrives.com’. Now just copy the Download link and share it anywhere you want.

Best New Pay Per Download (PPD) Sites 2019 – Best Websites to Earn Free Money online

Best Pay Per Download (PPD) Sites 2019-Many websites on the internet are helping Bloggers and influencers share their work and unique content with their audience.
Not only the top PPD sites provide a platform to share documents, files, apps and Informational Videos but they also help these bloggers generate more revenue than CPC and other ad-networks like Ezoic, AdSense, etc.,
In this post, we are going to review the 5 Best Highest Paying Pay Per Download (PPD) Sites of 2019. Sites like Zippyshare, Mediafire, etc., have been around for a while. They offer a relatively good experience to users with good download speeds but for large files >1GB, they have limits.
If you want a movie or TV-Show that has various parts ranging in several GB’s then these sites will not be good for you unless you buy a premium, which is too expensive.

Best Pay Per Download (PPD) Sites- Free Money, Highest Paying, Survey and Without Survey PPD sites Reviewed

The reason I am writing this post is that some sites are underpaying website owners for their Download files.
The long wait times and excessive Ads gravely affect user experience in the long run. This factor negatively influences traffic and bounce rate of a website.
When something like this happens the recurring visitors and the Fans of that website or of the influencer has a poor experience.
They might not come back next time or they may go to another website Host that provides a better user experience.
The Prosperity and success of any business depend upon its loyal audience and clients. A business organization should do everything in its power to make its audience feel good every time they visit their site.

What are PPD sites and why we need them?

If you are a website Blogger or a big company offering Services and Important files to its audience and customers then generating good revenue is crucial to business or a blog's success. We all know that AdSense pays you in pennies.
The AdSense used to be a good business revenue model in the past, but not now, especially considering other networks and methods that pay multiple times more than the AdSense generated revenue.

How To Make Money From PPD Sites?

One of the methods that are High Paying and has High Reward system is PPD Sites revenue model. They Pay you up to $20 Per 1000 Downloads.
You also get 50-70% in Sales and Rebills Commissions if someone buys Premium through Shared links. You can also earn 10% in Referral Fees for a lifetime.

Types of PPD Sites and Networks

Currently, there are two types of PPD sites on the Market
  • Pay Per Download (PPD) Sites Without Survey (Recommended)
  • Pay Per Download (PPD) Sites, With Survey

  • What is the Best New PPD Site of 2019?

    Updrives is the latest File Hosting and Downloading Service for Bloggers, Uploaders and Businesses. It has High Speed US-Based Servers that are always online 24/7. The Files are Safe and Protected against DMCA Complaints.
    The Bloggers and Uploaders can now rest easy as theirimportant files and documents will never be removed due inactivity. It also Has Highest PPD rates as Affiliates and site owners can Earn up to $5 Per 1000 Downloads.

    Advantages of using Updrives:
    • If your file is too large for E-mail you can securely upload large files on Updrives to access them from any device.
    • You can share your important files to your important audience and clients very easily by sharing your Updrives download link.
    • You can also Earn $1 for every 2000 downloads from your shared file on Updrives.

    • FAQ’s
      What kind of files can be uploaded?
      You can upload your favorite photos, videos and important files to Updrives without any restrictions. However, you are not allowed to upload inappropriate sexual and copyright content.
      Can I search for files other people uploaded?
      No, you cannot search for other people’s files publicly. You can only search and download files if the owner of the file has shared the downloading link with you.
      Can I hotlink the stuff I upload?
      No. Hotlinking is not allowed on any kind of files uploaded to our servers.
      Contact Us:
      If you still have questions regarding our services don't hesitate to contact us using our contact form.
      E-Mail : admin@updrives.com